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Information & Communication Technology

Departmental Staff

Head of Department

Mr C. Lowe    BA(Hons), QTS, HND

Subject Teachers

Mrs R. McConnell    MEng, PGCE

Mr R. McKittrick       BEd(Hons)

Mr J. Reaney    BSc, PGCE, PGDip, MSc(Dist)

Subject Technician

Mr A. Sheridan     BSc(Hons), CCNA

Key Stage 3

Year 8

  • Introduction to ICT & Google Suite

  •  E-Safety (Cyber-bullying)

  • Cross-curricular project with MFL

  • Spreadsheets

  • BIOS (What's inside a computer?)

  • 3D Design - Google Sketch-up

Year 9

  • E-Safety (Social Networking)

  • Online Services

  • Multimedia Project - Powerpoint

  • Digital Graphics

  • Game Design - Scratch & Kodu

Year 10

  • E-Safety (Sharing images)

  • The Internet

  • Web Graphics

  • Web Design

  • Databases – Theory & Practical

Key Stage 4 : BTEC Information & Creative Technology

BTEC Level 2 First Award. Over the course of two years, boys will complete the following units of work:

  • Unit 1 - The Online World (Compulsory/External Exam)

  • Unit 13 - Website Development (Optional/Internal Assessment)

  • Unit 3 - A Digital Portfolio (Compulsory/Internal Assessment)

This course is the equivalent of one GCSE.

Key Stage 5 : BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Information Technology

Over the course of two years, boys will complete the following units of work:

Year 13

Unit 1 - Information Technology Systems
​In this unit learners explore how computer hardware, digital devices, and software combine to form small and large scale systems. Learners' will develop an understanding of how Information Technology systems can be used in vocational contexts to solve problems and/or meet the needs of organisations and users.

Unit 6 - Website Development
This is a practical-based unit and allows learners to understand the principles of designing and creating a functional website and focuses on the design and development of a website to meet the requirements of a real-life scenario.

Year 14

Unit 2 - Creating Systems to Manage Information
This unit allows learners to study the design, creation, testing and evaluation of a relational database system to manage information. This unit is externally assessed through a controlled assessment.

Unit 3 - Using Social Media in BusinessThis unit allows learners to explore how businesses use social media to promote their products and services. Learners also implement social media activities in a business to meet requirements.

Assessment - This course is made up of both external and internal assessed units. In Year 13 learners will sit an external exam and complete one coursework unit. In Year 14 learners will undertake an externally assessed controlled assessment and one coursework unit.

Progression - Choosing to study for a BTEC Level 3 National Information Technology qualification is a great decision to make for lots of reasons. This qualification is a further step towards a career in the IT industry. The IT industry is an exciting and constantly changing one with a wide range of opportunities – from working in computer games development to working with robotic systems or supporting scientists in combating global warming.  The opportunities are endless. 

Career Paths

  • Web Developer

  • Graphic Designer

  • Game Designer

  • Programming

  • IT Development

  • Technical Support

  • App Designer

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