Religious Education

Departmental Staff

Head of Department

Mrs N. Simpson    BD(Hons), PGCE, PGCHE

Subject Teachers

Mr N. McConnell    BSc(Hons)

Mrs D. MacIntyre    BA(Hons), PGCE, MSSC, MA

Mr C. Simpson    MA, BA(Hons), PGCE

Mrs C. Woollams    BA(Hons), PGCE

Key Stage 3

Year 8

  • Introduction to the Bible

  • The Life of Abraham

  • The Life of Moses

  • Judaism

Year 9

  • The Life of Christ and His Relationships with Others

  • The Life of Christ and His Miracles

  • The Life of Christ and His Teachings

  • The Passion of Christ : Death & Resurrection

Year 10

  • The Early Church

  • Christians Through the Ages

  • Self-Image

  • Substance Abuse

Key Stage 4 : OCN NI Certificate in Religious Studies

This course is the equivalent of a B Grade at GCSE

9 units of continual assessment over the course of 2 years:

  • Addiction

  • Charity and Religious Charities

  • Personal Identity & Faith

  • Life and Death Issues

  • Life of a Person of Faith

  • Marriage and Divorce

  • Religious Traditions

  • Prejudice and Reconciliation

  • World Faith

  • Law

  • Education

  • Social Work

  • Medicine

  • Youth Work

  • Church Work

  • Media

Career Paths