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Modern Foreign Languages

Departmental Staff

Head of Department

Miss N. Porter    BA(Hons), PGCE, MA

Key Stage 3

Year 8

  • Saying your name / greeting someone

  • Saying hello / goodbye

  • Numbers 1 - 10

  • Naming School Items

  • Saying what you have / haven't got

  • Spanish Alphabet

  • Saying how old you are - numbers 1 - 15

  • Saying when your birthday is

  • Saying / asking where you live / countries / nationalities

  • Talking about brothers & sisters

  • Talking about pets

  • Talking about what you look like

  • Height and self-description / personality

  • Talking about school subjects / opinions

  • Asking / Telling the time

  • Talking about the timetable / teachers you have

  • Talking about your school day

  • Describing what you wear

  • Describing your uniform / colours

  • Talking about sport

  • Saying what you like / don't like

  • Saying what you do in your free time

  • Saying what you don't do

  • Other free time activities

  • Saying what you like / don't like doing

  • Saying what you do at the weekend

Year 9

  • Telling someone where you live

  • Asking someone where they live

  • Saying what you live near and what others live near

  • Talking about someone else's home

  • Saying what kind of house you live in

  • Saying where contents are

  • Describing the rooms

  • Saying what you usually do / where you are going

  • Asking someone if they have something

  • Saying where things are

  • Talking about where you are going to

  • Giving directions and understanding directions

  • Describing the location of places in a town

  • Giving more detailed directions

  • Talking about what your town is like

  • Talking about the weather

Year 10

  • Talking about sports

  • Talking about what you like doing in your free time

  • Talking about what you do during the week

  • Talking about what you do at the weekend

  • Arranging to go out

  • Saying what you are going to do at the weekend

  • Saying how you help at home

  • Saying how you are going to help at the weekend

  • Self, friends and family

  • Home life and daily routine

  • Hobbies and interests

  • School

  • Holiday / Cafe

  • Cardinal numbers

  • Days and months

  • Time

  • Alphabet

  • Conjunctions

Key Stage 4 : CCEA GCSE Spanish

This specification aims to encourage students to:

  • derive enjoyment and benefit from language learning, and be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study.

  • recognise that their linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills help them to take their place in a multilingual global society, and also provide them with a suitable basis for further study and practical use of Spanish.

  • make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

  • develop knowledge of the language and language learning skills.

  • develop an understanding of Spanish in a variety of contexts.

  • develop the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish.

  • develop awareness and understanding of Spanish-speaking countries and communities.

Course Outline


Unit 1 : Listening

External written examination lasting approximately:

  • 35 minutes at Foundation Tier; and

  • 45 minutes at Higher Tier.

Twelve questions, in English and Spanish

Unit 2 : Speaking

  • Two role-plays and a general conversation on two topics in Spanish.

  • Teacher conducted speaking examination which last 7 - 12 minutes (plus 10 minutes of role-play preparation time).

Unit 3 : Reading

External written examination lasting approximately:

  • 50 minutes at Foundation Tier; and

  • 60 minutes at Higher Tier.

Questions will be in English and Spanish, as well as translating short sentences from Spanish into English.

Career Paths

  • Accountancy

  • Banking

  • Civil Service

  • Computer Programmer

  • Credit Controller

  • Economics

  • Engineering

  • Interpreter

  • International Business

  • International Law

  • Journalism and Media

  • Law

  • Marketing

  • Secretary / PA

  • Teaching

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Web Designer

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